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I Believe In You And Me

  • Released : 12/06/1996
  • Tracks: UK: Step By Step (2 Remixes). US: Record Version, Film Version, Somebody Bigger Than You And I, The Lord Is My Shepherd (Cissy Houston), Who Would Imagine A King (Nativity Choir From "The Preacher's Wife")

  • Worldwide sales : 1,400,000
  • Peak Position : US No. 4, UK No. 16

  • Song Info : "I Believe in You and Me", from the "Preacher's Wife" movie, was produced by David Foster. He used all electronic instruments on this track as opposed to his use of real strings and brass on THE BODYGUARD songs. The percussion track features a vibrating triangle sound at the end of each phrase, reminiscent of Paul Anka's "Hold Me Til The Morning Comes".

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