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Run To You

  • Released : 06/06/1993
  • Tracks: After We Make Love, For The Love OF You, I Belong To You, Greatest Love Of All

  • Worldwide sales : 500,000
  • Peak Position : US No. 31, UK No. 15

  • Song Info : "Run to You" was produced by David Foster, who has also produced Celine Dion ("The Power of Love") and Barbra Streisand, Peabo Bryson and Michael Bolton, as well as Brandy ("Have You Ever") and Monica. The song, like "I Have Nothing" also from "The Bodyguard", was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Song. It was written by Jud Friedman & Allan Rich. Originally, the song was a break-up song. The songwriters zeroed in on a specific scene towards the end of the film, and they wrote a song with the theme of 'I love you, but you're going away'." That song was approved by Clive Davis, Whitney, Mick Jackson (the director of "The Bodyguard"), actor/producer Kevin Costner and Gary LeMel, President Of Music at Warner Bros. Pictures. But about a month later, Mick Jackson called and said, 'We love the song so much, we want to use it earlier in the movie when they fall in love, instead of when they're breaking up. So could you change the lyric to make it a love song instead of a break-up song?' So Rich & Friedman rewrote the entire lyric except for the title. Davis, Jackson and everyone involved loved the new version of "Run To You," so the song was finally set for the movie. Friedman & Rich subsequently received two nominations for "Run To You": one for "Best Original Song" by the Academy Awards; and for "Best Song Specifically Written for a Motion Picture or Television" by the Grammy Awards.

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