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One Moment In Time

  • Released : August 1988
  • Tracks: Olympic Joy (Kashif), Rise To the Occasion (Jermaine Jackson and LaLa), Midnight Wind (Tony Carey), Love Will Save The Day Remix

  • Worldwide sales : 1,500,000
  • Peak Position : US No. 5, UK No. 1, Fr No. 8

  • Song Info : 'One Moment in Time', NBC-TV's theme for the 1988 Summer Olympic Games, was a major success in the UK where the song gave Whitney her third British no 1 in September of that year. In the US the song peaked at no 5. One Moment in Time's positive message is easily applied to all walks of life and was included on a special Olympics album of the same name featuring artists such as the Four Tops, the Bee Gees, Kashif and Eric Carmen.

  • Song Review : "... priceless ... spine tingling... fantastic... produced by the brilliant Narada Michael Walden. ~ (,

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