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Who do you love

Who do you love?

I got a feeling you're the boy for me
I bet your love could set me free
I feel a love thing coming on
It started week then got oh so strong

Strong enough to rock the world
Straight up I want to be your girl
So I keep praying to the stars above
That it's me who you're gonna love

Am I the one?
(I'm waiting)
Is she the one?
(make up your mind)
Who do you love?

Who do you love?
I wanna know
Could it be me?
Won't you tell me so

Who do you love
You've got to say
Don't want to go
Why can't I stay

I keep pushing so you'll be mine
We'll be loving baby over time
My sensitivity gets so high
It keeps me dreaming that you're my guy

Then I have to stop and check myself
Could it be that you love someone else
I can't give in to jealousy
So touch me now if you love me

chorus - repeat

words and music by Luther Vandross, H. Eaves


Album: I'm Your Baby Tonight
Released: November 1990
More Info: see bio