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. Release Date : 11/06/1990

. Track Listing: 1. I'm Your Baby Tonight - 2. My Name Is Not Susan - 3. All The Man That I Need - 4. Lover For Life - 5. Anymore - 6. Miracle - 7. I Belong To You - 8. Who Do You Love - 9. We Didn't Know (with Stevie Wonder) - 10. After We Make Love - 11. I'm Knockin'

. Global Sales : 10 million

. Reviews : What the Critics Say - At the age of 27, Whitney Houston has the world at her feet, and a string of supremely impressive statistics to her name. This third album follows in the steps of a first LP which made its mark as the best-selling solo debut album of all time, and a second which saw her become the first female artist to debut at Number 1 in the US album chart. Add to that a catalogue of worldwide hit singles like Where Do Broken Hearts Go, I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Didn't We Almost Have It All (and a record-breaking string of seven consecutive Number 1 hit singles in the States), and you begin to appreciate the sheer popularity of this gospel-trained cousin of Dionne Warwick.

Listen to more than a few bars of this album's opening hit-single title track and you swiftly begin to appreciate the absolute and utter professionalism which has been at the heart of Whitney Houston's success. Her seemingly effortless range and phrasing turn an up-beat bubbler of a tune from in-demand writer/producers LA Reid and Baby Face into instantly seductive, high-class pop soul of the first order. This ability is the key to Whitney Houston's talent, and if a duet with Stevie Wonder on the LP's best track We Didn't Know (written and produced by Wonder) reveals the limits of her ability as a real soul singer in its accepted, expressive sense, there is no doubting that this album confirms her right to sit atop her own particular pile. --David Roberts. --->

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