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South Africa 1994
  • Release Date: 12/13/1994 (Video)
  • Date of concerts: November, 1994
  • Venue: Durban, Johannesburg, Capetown


  • Setlist:


  • Audio samples:


  • The Band:

    . Musical Director: Rickey Minor

    . Bass guitar/Bass synthesizer: Rickey Minor
    . All Guitars: Paul Jackson Jr
    . Keyboards: Bette Sussman
    . Keyboards: Wayne Linsey
    . Keyboards: Joe Wolfe
    . Drums: Michael Baker
    . Percussions: Bashiri Johnson

    . Saxophones/EWI: Kirk Whalum
    . Saxophones/EWI: Gary Bias
    . Trumpet: Michael Steward
    . Trumpet: Oscar Brashear
    . Trombone: George Bohanon

    . Background Vocalists:

    Olivia McClurkin
    Alfie Silas
    Pattie Howard

    . Dancers:

    Carolyn Brown
    Merlyn Mitchell
    Shane Johnson
    Saleema Mubaarak

    . Little girls dancers:

    Fajaliah Harper
    Vanity Ramdhan
    Sylvia Enriquez
    Mistey Ramdhan
    Mercedez Demus


  • Official fan club Tour Info
    (November 1994)

    ADVENTURES IN SOUTH AFRICA - By the time you read this, Whitney will have performed to an anticipated crowd of over 200,000 people in a special series of South African concerts. The performances will be in celebration of a newly unified South Africa and will feature Whitney's dancers, backup singers and band from her US tour.

    Her first performance in Durban, Nov. 8 and final one in Cape Town on Nov. 19, set the stage for her much anticipated HBO televised performance on Nov. 12 at Ellis Park in Johannesburg. In honor of this history making event, Whitney gave the following statement:

    "On Tuesday evening of Oct. 4, I performed at a White House state dinner hosted by President and Mrs. Clinton in honor of President Nelson Mandela. I reminded him that, following my 1988 London concert, also in his honor, he invited me to come and perform in south Africa someday when the country was free.

    What a privilege it is for me to accept this invitation and go to a free South Africa this November to perform, not for Nelson Mandela the prisoner, but for Nelson Mandela the President. His courage and determination have long been an inspiration for people throughout the world, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this joyful event."

    The three shows are being touted as 'very large scale events,' with production teams from New York and Johannesburg preparing themselves for the mammoth task ahead. Here's an idea of how much work will go into the production of each show. It's said that over 200 local stage hands and scaffolders will be used at each venue to erect the stage and the largest lighting rig ever constructed.

    One hundred miles of cable and four powerful generators will provide electricity in addition to existing power provided by each venue, this means the power wattage produced at each concert will be enough to light up an average sized town. Also, three large screen will be erected at each concert, two on either side of the stage and one behind the mixing tower, plus an amazing video wall positioned at the back of the stage.

    A total of 270 production, TV and video crew personnel as well as Whitney's stage crew and personnel will have traveled between the three show dates to make sure it's all captured on 16 cameras trained on center stage and the audience. Over 200 security guards will be on duty as well as teams of doctors, paramedics, and emergency vehicles on standby.

    If you missed the airing of HBO's "WHITNEY - THE CONCERT FOR A NEW SOUTH AFRICA, November 12, not to worry, you'll be able to get in on home video sometime in December. All monies from the concerts will be donated by Whitney Houston and her foundation to carefully selected South African children's charities.


Johannesburg, nov 12, 1994