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Bodyguard World Tour
  • Released: see South Africa
  • Date of concerts: Sept 93-->Nov 94
  • Countries: Japan, USA/Canada, Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, South Africa


  • Setlist:

    . love will save the day
    . saving all my love for you
    . you give good love *
    . how will i know
    . i wanna dance with somebody
    . all at once
    . nobody loves me like you do *
    . love medley
    . all the man that i need
    . my name is not susan *
    . queen of the night
    . i have nothing
    . i'm your baby tonight
    . revelation
    . jesus loves me
    . i will always love you
    . i'm every woman or something in common

    The Philadelphia stop included the following:

    . medley of Diana Ross songs
    . opening song: Greatest Love of all

    Buenos Aires, april '94:

    . ABC (Jackson 5 song)

    Brazil, jan. '94:

    . Natural Woman (Aretha)

    New York (Sept. 16, '94)

    . Freeway of Love (Aretha)
    . Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    Tribute to Dionne Warwick:
    . Walk On By
    . A House is not a home
    . Alfie


  • Audio samples:


  • The Band:

    . Musical Director: Rickey Minor
    . Bass guitar: Rickey Minor
    . Bass synthesizer: Rickey Minor
    . Guitar: Carlos Rios
    . Keyboards: Bette Sussman
    . Keyboards: Wayne Linsey
    . Saxophones/EWI: Kirk Whalum
    . Drums: Michael Baker
    . Percussion: Bashiri Johnson
    . Background Vocalists:

    Gary Houston
    Olivia McClurkin
    Alfie Silas
    Patti Howard
    Josie James

    . Dancers:

    Carolyn Brown
    Merlyn Mitchell
    Shane Johnson
    Saleema Mubaarak

    . Little girls dancers:

    Fajaliah Harper
    Vanity Ramdhan
    Sylvia Enriquez
    Mistey Ramdhan
    Mercedez Demus


  • Dates for the Bodyguard World Tour

    US-'93 TOUR DATES:

    Radio City Music Hall, New York


    01: Jo Hall, Osaka
    02: Jo Hall, Osaka
    03: Travel Day
    04: off
    05: off
    06: Budokan, Tokyo
    07: Budokan, Tokyo
    08: off
    09: Budokan, Tokyo
    10: Budokan, Tokyo
    11: off
    12: off
    13: Budokan, Tokyo
    14: Budokan, Tokyo
    15: Travel Day
    16: Rainbow Hall, Nagoya
    17: Rainbow Hall, Nagoya
    18: Travel Day
    19: Yokohama Arena, Yokohama
    20: Yokohama Arena, Yokohama
    21: Travel Day
    22: Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka
    23: off
    24: Yokohama Arena, Yokohama
    27: Budokan, Tokyo
    28: Budokan, Tokyo

    32 dates across 12 countries:

    07: Forum, Milan
    08: Forum, Milan
    09: off
    10: Hallenstadion, Zurich
    11: Hallenstadion, Zurich
    12: off
    13: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin
    14: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin
    15: off
    16: Globe, Stockholm
    17: Sandinavium, Gothenberg (sweden)
    18: off
    19: Spectrum, Oslo
    20: off
    21: off
    22: Thialf, Hereveen (Holland)
    23: MECC, Masstricht (Holland)
    24: off
    25: Festhalle, Frankfurt
    26: off
    27: NEC Arena, Birmingham
    28: NEC Arena, Birmingham
    29: off
    30: NEC Arena, Birmingham
    31: Arena, Sheffield (England)

    01: off
    02: Arena, Sheffield
    03: Arena, Sheffield
    04: off
    05: Earls Court, London
    06: Earls Court, London
    07: Earls Court, London
    08: off
    09: off
    10: The Point, Dublin
    11: off
    12: Flanders Expo, Gent (Belgium)
    13: off
    14: off
    15: Palacio de los Deportes, Madrid
    16: Sant Jordi, Barcelona
    17: off
    18: ..., Metz (France)
    19: Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart
    20: off
    21: Sporthalle, Linz (Austria)
    22: off
    23: Olympiahalle, Munich
    24: Westfahlenhalle, Dortmund (Germany)
    25: off
    26: Ahoy, Rotterdam
    27: Ahoy, Rotterdam
    28: off
    29: Bercy, Paris
    30: Bercy, Paris

    Jan. 16-23:

    Rio de Janeiro
    Sao Paulo

    14: San Carlos Apoquindo Stadium, Santiago (Chile)
    16: Sars Field Stadium, Buenos Aires
    17: Sars Field Stadium, Buenos Aires
    21: Poliedro, Caraca (Venezuela)
    24: Hiram Bitthorn Stadium, San Juan (Puerto Rico)

    U.S.-'94 TOUR
    mid-June until the end of September
    Sept. 16: Radio City Music Hall, New York.

    08: Durban
    12: Johannesburg
    19: Capetown


  • official fan club info
    (october 1994):

    whitney live NY sept 1994

    Seven Nights at Radio City Music Hall

    On Friday September 16 (1994), Whitney made music history as she began the first of her seven sold out shows at New York's historic Radio City Music Hall. In attendance on opening night were some of Whitney's closest family, friends and music industry VIP's including Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, Pebbles, L.A. Reid, CeCe Winans, Jefferey Osbourne and Kashif.

    On other nights, audience members included, New York's very own Donald Trump & Marla Maples, Patrick Ewing, Will Downing and fellow diva and cousin, Dionne Warwick. With Radio City being one of her favorite theaters to perform, audiences were treated to some very special and memorable nights in the Big Apple.

    As the show began and the lights went down, audience members were sweetly serenaded with the soulful refrain from Whitney's landmark hit "Greatest Love Of All"; but after several secunds and Whitney failing to appear on center stage, audience members began looking around to see where she was. Slowly but surely, they realized that she was standing and singing from the back of the auditorium!

    It was at this moment that Whitney burst into her 1987 hit, "So Emotional", while rushing down center aisle with the attention of the whole auditorium focused on her captivating entrance and final explosion onto the stage. Her mesmerizing opening was met with a roaring standing ovation, with all eyes and hearts now focused toward the trademark band shell of Radio City's grand stage.

    "So Emotional" was then followed up with a riveting line-up of her favorties including "Saving All My Love", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", "How Will I Know" and a medley of love songs including "All At Once", "Didn't We Almost Have It All" and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go". She then belted out her latest popular cross-over hit single "Queen of the Night" and glided into "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and a cover of Aretha Franklin's hit, "Freeway of Love".

    The first half of Whitney's show was alive with the energy and excitement of 6,000 fans, background singers, dancers and her live band, plus a special glimpse of little Bobbi Kristina early in the show as she came onstage to say hi to her mom. She seemed to want to stay on the stage so Whitney sang her a few choruses of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"; and still, a big surprise was yet to come...

    whitney live NY sept 1994

    After a brief pause for intermission, audience members flied back to their seats just in time for the curtains to part and reveal Whitney on stage(now in a beautiful golden sequined gown) surrounded by her band and a spectacular 27 piece orchestra! The audience went wild as she sang "I Have Nothing" while being backed by all these musicians.

    As a first, Whitney did a moving tribute to her cousin Dionne Warwick and sang some of Dionne's signature tunes "Walk On By", "A House Is Not A Home" and "Alfie". Toward the end of her performance, she sang her international hit and most famous love song to date, "I Will Always Love You". At the end of the show, the standing ovation was met with an encore in which Whitney performed the entire version of "Greatest Love of All".

    With seven fabulous nights at Radio City Music Hall, Whitney certainly left the 'Big Apple' with something to remember her by.


  • more fan club Tour info...

    WHITNEY CLOSES OUT WORLD CUP - Some of you may have remembered the international soccer event, The World Cup Series, that played in several cities of the US back in July; but how many of you knew that the World Cup championship finale was also the setting for a pre-game performance by Whitney to an estimated viewing audience of 1.8 billion people?

    On July 17th (1994), Whitney performed a medley of her hit songs to an international viewing audience in over 80 countries at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Songs sung at the half time festivities included "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", So Emotional", "I Will Always Love You", "I'm Every Woman", "How Will I Know" and "Greatest Love Of All".

    Although the event was not broadcast in the U.S., her performance was well received by the stadium and a worldwide viewing audience. A portion of the proceeds generated from her performance were donated on Whitney's behalf to The Whitney Houston Foundation for Children.


  • Interesting tidbits

    Last show of "Bodyguard Tour": September 25, 1994, Radio City Music Hall, New York

    After the last show, Whitney said that having her family with her everywhere was one of the highlights of the tour for her.

    Once the tour was over, Whitney had lots of rest, followed by a trip to South Africa where she did 3 concerts in November to help Pdt Nelson Mandela celebrate freedom for all South Africans.


  • More tidbits

    opening act (U.S. '93): Angie and Debbie Winans (?)

    Netherlands price tickets:

    75 gulden (arena) en
    72,50 1rang
    70,00 2rang

    Netherlands opening act: E.Y.C.

info compiled by JL for
thanks whitney's official fan club


Whitney live USA 1993