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Welcome Home Heroes
  • Release Date: 1991 (VHS), 2002 (DVD)
  • Date of concert: April 1991
  • Venue: Naval Air Station, Norfolk, USA


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    Those of you who heard me sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Superbowl probably knew what I was feeling... pride in our flag, in our country, pride in our troops serving in the Gulf... and fear for their safety. You can imagine then how excited I was when I was given the opportunity to welcome some of them home.

    First, the Department of the Navy arranged for me to fly out to meet the USS Saratoga, a cruise ship her men call "The Sara". Landing on the ship was scary but fun. The plane lands so fast and the runway on the ship is so short, they have to use special equipment to catch the plane to stop it. They almost had to catch me too! My knees were a little weak after that landing.

    I stayed overnight on the ship joking and laughing with the men. I even took a turn on the "mess line" serving dinner. When I left the ship by helicopter in the morning, I cried. The love and laughter I shared with those men is something I will carry with me forever.

    After the visit to the Saratoga, I went to Norfolk, VA to prepare for my "Welcome Home Heroes" concert which was telecast live by HBO Easter Sunday. The Governor of Virginia, L. Douglas Wilder, was invited and some top military officers who had served in the Gulf, but most of the seats were reserved for enlisted men and women of Desert Storm and their families.

    Because they were more troops than seats for Sunday's show, we invited 3,000 to the dress rehearsal Saturday night. The concert Sunday night was probably the most memorable and rewarding of my career. What an audience! Army, Airforce, Navy, Marines and the Coast Guard all so happy to be back home and ready to be entertained. People were out of their seats dancing.

    Until I spent time with these military people, I didn't really appreciate how special they are. I was surrounded by courteous, brave men and women... I sang my heart out to them... and still felt them give more in return. I salute our troops, those who have returned and those still serving around the world, and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

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