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Feels So Right Tour
  • Released: no live album released
  • Date of concerts: January 1990
  • Countries: Japan only

  • Setlist:

    . overture 1990
    . so emotional
    . you give good love
    . saving all my love for you
    . how will i know
    . takin' a chance
    . monologue
    . love medley:

    . all at once/
    . a house is not a home (gary)/
    . didn't we almost have it all/
    . a house is not a home/
    . where do broken hearts go
    . all the man that i need
    . who do you love
    . i wanna dance with somebody
    . greatest love of all
    . higher love

  • official fan club Tour info:


    Whitney's sold-out concert tour of Japan which began January 1 and concluded January 24, playing 14 dates in 7 cities, was a phenomenal success.

    The show was really "hot" with a new band performing three new songs from her up-coming nearly completed album, and three all male back-up singers (including Whitney's brother, Gary).

    The Japanese fans snatched up tickets to all her shows in just hours.

    Even with the heavy concert schedule, Whitney managed to enjoy the pleasures of Far Eastern living, from riding its' world famous Bullet Train which travels up to speeds of 100 miles per hour from Tokyo to Osaka, to tasting the oriental culinary delights like sushi and tempura.

    Whitney experienced the full pleasures of Japan. She even did something very Western when on her day off, she and her band members went bowling at the local lanes in Fukuoka. Everyone munched on pizza and had a great time.

    By the end of the tour, Whitney had picked up many words of Japanese and looks forward to her next voyage to the Far East.

    KEK-koh dess: fine, good, great

  • Interesting tidbits

    3 new songs: "Takin' A Chance", "All The Man I Need", "Who Do You Love",

    plus Whitney's version of "Higher Love" (Steve Winwood hit) and a few notes of "A House Is Not A Home" (Dionne Warwick) included in a love medley blending 3 whitney songs.

    1 costume change

    "Takin' A Chance" was the new single in Japan. The single was released in that country only.

    Before singing "All the man I need", Whitney said: "this song is going to be on my new album, which should be released very soon, we don't know when but we'll see." They released the new album, "I'm Your Baby Tonight" 10 months later.

  • The Band:

    . Musical Director: Rickey Minor
    . Bass guitar & bass synthesizer: Rickey Minor
    . Guitar: Ray Fuller
    . Keyboards: Bette Sussman
    . Keyboards: Wayne Lynsey
    . Saxophones/EWI: Kirk Whalum
    . Drums: Ricky Lawson
    . Percussion: Bashiri Johnson
    . Background Vocalists: Gary Houston,
      Billy Baker, B.David Whitworth
    . Choreographer: Khandi Alexander
    . Assistant Choreo: Darrel Wayne Wright
    . Dancers: Darrel Wayne Wright, Troy Burgess

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thanks to manu and whitney's official fan club


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