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Moment Of Truth Tour
  • Released: not released
  • Date of concerts: 4 July 1987 - 26 June 1988
  • In Support of: Secund album, "Whitney".
  • Venue: USA, Europe,

  • Tour Info (from official fan club newsletter, 1989)

    Whitney wows the world with her first major concert tour!!!

    - Wouldn't you just love to know what it would be like to tour with one of the world's most successful popular vocalists? Well just for you, here's the exclusive low-down on the whirlwind created by Whitney's first major international concert tour - 'Moment of Truth Tour' 1987-88.

    Tampa, Florida was the starting point when Whitney took the stage in front of 70,000 on July 4, 1987. From that point on, she wowed audiences and critics alike in a U.S. and Canadian tout that hit over 50 cities. On stage in Greensboro, North Carolina, Whitney celebrated her 24th birthday with family and friends who were on hand to sing a round of 'Happy Birthday' -as well as the entire audience!

    Among the celebrities who caught the US shows were Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, NY Mets' Darryl Strawberry and Gary Carter, Gary Coleman and former pro-quarter back Doug Muttie. And we know you were wondering, yes, Whitney's beloved cats, Miste Blu and Marilyn were on the road with her for the U.S. tour dates!

    On to Europe for the next leg of the tour which covered 12 countries in all, over 25,000 miles with nearly a half-million fans in attendance. In each country Whitney visited, she was presented with gold and platinum albums, marking top sales of her album, WHITNEY.

    whitney live Paris 1988

    While in London, Whitney heard the exciting news that she had just broken the all-time record for consecutive No. 1 singles - an unprecedented seven - which surpassed both the Beatles and the Bee Gees, with six each. At Wembley, such international superstars as Natalie Cole, Narada Michael Walden, Paul Young and LuLu came to pay tribute to the world's No. 1 female singer. At a post-show party at London's exclusive Les Ambassadeurs Club, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Boy George and Samantha Fox joined Arista Records President, Clive Davis, in celebration of Whitney's double platinum U.K. album sales (in excess of one million copies).

    It was like a fairy-tale come true when Prince Edward from Britain's royal family attended the Wembley concert and went backstage to congratulate Whitney. Things were also royal in Monte Carlo when Prince Albert attended the show and in Denmark, Crown Prince Frederick obtained special leave from his military academy to attend a performance.

    Amidst her Italian dates, Whitney returned to London to perform for over 100,000 fans at the historical Nelson Mandela tribute concert. The event was televised to over one billion viewers around the world and also featured Dire Straits, Simple Minds, Sting, Stevie Wonder - as well as Whitney's mom, Cissy, who joined her daughter on stage for an emotional and stirring duet.

    While in Rome, Whitney arranged for the tour party to see the historical sights of the city, including St. Peter's Church, Fontani di Trevi and the Pantheon. The mayor of Rome presented Whitney with a special medallion of the city. However, the biggest stir was created when Whitney was seen catching some rays on her hotel balcony in Rome by the fans!


  • Setlist:

    . didn't we almost have it all
    . love will save the day
    . you give good love
    . so emotional
    . where do broken hearts go
    . love is a contact sport
    . band presentation
    . saving all my love for you
    . he / i believe
    . wonderful concellior
    . natural woman
    . ?? aretha song
    . greatest love of all
    . i wanna dance with somebody

    The Moment of Truth World Tour also included the following songs (at least at some of the US dates):

    . How Will I Know
    . Just The Lonely Talking Again
    . For The Love Of You


  • Audio samples:


  • The Band:

    . Music Conductor: John Simmons
    . Bass guitar and bass synth: Ricky Minor
    . Guitar: Steve Kelly
    . Keyboards: Jack Perry
    . Sax: Josh Harris
    . Drums: Brian Brake
    . Percussion: Kevin Jones
    . Background Vocalists: Felicia Moss,
      Voneva Simms, Billy Baker


  • European Tour Dates of
    the Moment of Truth tour in 1988:

    19 april: Ahoy Rotterdam (sold out)
    21 april: ,, ,, (sold out)
    23 april: ,, ,, (sold out)
    24 april: ,, ,, (sold out)
    27 april: NEC Birmingham
    28 april: ,, Birmingham
    30 april: ,,
    1 may: ,,
    2 may: ,,
    4 may: Wembley, London
    7,8,11,12,15,16 may:Wembley London
    18 may: Bercy, Paris
    20 may: Festhalle, Frankfurt
    21 may; ,, ,,
    24 may: Valbyhallen, Kopenhagen
    25 may: Drammenshallen, Oslo
    27may; Issstadion, stockholm
    28 may: ,, ,,
    29 may: Scandinavium, Gothenburg
    2 june: waldbuhne, Belin
    4 june; Westfalenhalle,Dortmund
    8 june: paleur, Rome
    9 june: ,, ,,
    12 june: Palatrussardi, Milan
    13 june; ,, ,,
    16 june: stadthalle, Wenen
    18 june: St. Jacobshalle, Basil
    19 june: ,, ,,
    21 june: ,, ,,
    23 june: Olympiahalle, Munchen
    24,26 june; ,, ,,

Whitney live 1987