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Greatest Love Tour
  • Released: no live album released officially
  • Date of concerts: 1986
  • In Support of: Debut album, "Whitney Houston".
  • Venue: USA, Europe, Japan


  • US/European/Japanese Tour Dates
    of the Greatest Love tour:

    aug 2: jones beach theatre NY
    aug 4: garden state arts center NJ
    aug 6: jones beach theatre NY

    oct 10: Forest, Brussels

    4 nov: festival hall, Osaka
    5 nov: osaka-jo hall, Osaka
    6 nov: aichiken taiikukan, Nagoya
    8 nov: yokohama bunka taiikukan, Yokohama
    10 nov: budokan, tokyo
    11 nov: budokan, tokyo


  • Setlist:

    . greatest love tease
    . wanna be starting something (Michael Jackson)
    . eternal love
    . you give good love
    . hold me
    . how will i know
    . take good care of my heart
    . nobody loves me like you do
    . saving all my love for you
    . someone for me
    . didn't we almost have it all *
    . i wanna dance with somebody
    . he/i believe
    . greatest love of all

    The Greatest Love Tour sometimes also included the following songs (at least at some of the US and Japan dates):

    . memories
    . i am changing (from Dreamgirls)
    . heart to heart (Kenny Loggins)
    . all at once


  • Audio samples:


  • Interesting tidbits (Japan):

    • ticket price: 5000yen (except for 11/4 osaka: 7000yen - smaller venue)
    • (encore - 11/4 osaka only) didn't we almost have it all

  • Interesting tidbits (USA):

    • price: $ 18.50
    • On 8/6/86 at Jones Beach Theater (NY), the opening act was Kenny G.
    • no choreographer for greatest love tour (no dance/no costume change at all, just singing.)
    • On the 8/6/86 NY concert, Whitney stated that her new album would be out next year (1987), and that "I'm gonna dance with somebody" was the working title of one of the new songs (later retitled: "I wanna dance with somebody").


  • The Band:

    . Music Conductor/piano: John Simmons
    . Bass guitar: Ricky Minor
    . Guitar: Curtis Neishloss
    . Keyboards: Willard Meeks
    . Sax: Josh Harris
    . Drums: Brian Brake
    . Percussion: Kevin Jones
    . Background Vocalists: Gary Garland,
      Felicia Moss, Voneva Simms,
      Billy Baker

many thanks to and whitney's official fan club for this information


Whitney live Newark 1986