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March 27, 2003
Holiday Album

A Whitney Houston holiday album is tentatively scheduled for release in October on Arista Records. No further information is available as yet as to the content of the album or whether recordings have begun. [from]

Whitney at the Haitian Awards
The war in Iraq might have been on the minds of those attending the seventh annual Haitian Music and Entertainment Awards Saturday night (March 22) at Miami's James L. Knight Center but they didn't let it show. As always, the night remained one of glitz, glamour and Haitian pride. ...Pras, receiving one of several special honoree awards, stirred the crowd with an eloquent speech. "We must stand up as a community and a nation and promote and educate to the world about the riches of our nation," he said.

...Falling under the category of "Huh?" was an appearance by a celebrity couple and, no, it wasn't Ben and J.Lo. Instead, it was Bobby and Whitney, neither of whom is known for Haitian music. But Brown was the evening's special guest and Houston, dressed casually and seeming the loving wife, joined him onstage (photos). Brown even managed a quip: "Pras took my speech. Merci beaucoup." [Excerpt from the Miami Herald,3/23/2003]

note : the Annual Haitian Music & Entertainment Awards ceremony showcase performances by the biggest names in Haitian/Creole music, from Haiti, Paris, Canada and the French Antilles. The Awards also honor and recognize the creators, performers and producers of Haitian/Creole music for their artistic achievements.

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March 15, 2003
'Just Whitney' to ramp up

In an article entitled 'Arista loses Toni Braxton' published in today's New York Daily News, LA Reid says he believes in Whitney and her latest album. Here is the part of the article pertaining to Whitney:

(...) Braxton's departure points to a larger problem at BMG-owned Arista, where sales from its once formidable stable of divas are rapidly fading. Her latest album, "More Than a Woman," released last year, has sold just 375,000 units in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. Her previous CD sold 2.1 million copies.

Arista's biggest star, Whitney Houston, has proved to be a far greater disappointment. After renewing her contract for a reported $100 million two years ago, her latest release, "Just Whitney" has fallen to No. 129 on the Billboard charts in just 13 weeks.

In an interview at his W. 57th Street office earlier this week, Reid said he expects sales of the CD to ramp up from the recent release of its third single, "Try It On My Own," a classic Houston ballad. "It's too soon to judge the record, it's just igniting now," Reid said before playing a copy of the song's video on a big screen in his office. "I'm committed to Whitney. I believe in her. I wouldn't be investing in her if I didn't believe I could do well."

March 14, 2003
Try It On My Own" DVD and CD!

According to the BMG Web site, a DVD single for 'Try It On My Own' will be released on May 6th. The DVD may also feature the videos for 'One of those Days' and 'Whatchulookinat'. And according to, 'On My Own' will be available as an import CD single on March 25 (reminder : the original European album title for the song is 'On My Own' as opposed to the US title 'Try It On My Own.') Stay tuned to for news on the '(Try It) On My Own' DVD and CD final tracklistings and release dates.

March 11, 2003
Video News

Whitney Houston's latest video for "On My Own" is said to be based on the popular movie from the 1970s 'Lady Sings The Blues', which starred Diana Ross as Billie Holiday (a popular jazz singer who died of a drug overdose).

March 3, 2003
Try It On My Own" Video!

Over the weekend, Whitney was on location in Miami shooting the video for her new single "Try It On My Own" from her latest album Just Whitney. The video was directed by David LaChapelle and captures the spirit of classic Whitney. Whitney is extremely happy with the video. Stay tuned to the Web site for news on when the video will air! Platinum Club

Whitney Gives Thanks...
In a special message to the Platinum Club, Whitney sends her deepest thanks and appreciation to all of her fans for their heartfelt messages of condolence that have been posted in regard to the recent passing of her father, John Houston. She personally read all of your messages and sends her thanks to all of you for your love and support.

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