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January 31, 2003
Whitney at Number One

Club Play: Whitney's "Try It On My Own (Thunderpuss Remixes)" debuts at No. 1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play breakout chart in Billboard's February 15 issue. The remixes have yet to debut on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. (from

Billboard's review of 'Try It On My Own'
Try It On My Own
Producer(s): Babyface
Genre: R & B
Catalog Number: Arista 82876 (CD promo)

Edited by Chuck Taylor

If an artist is rarely seen promoting her own music, why should the public rally behind her? Perhaps that's part of the problem behind Houston's Just Whitney, a very good -- albeit very short -- album that's sinking with alarming speed at retail. Third single "Try It on My Own" is the best song on the disc, a classic Whitney ballad that pushes every diva button, from huge celestial notes to a creamy orchestral arrangement. Arista also commissioned Thunderpuss to wring the song into a dance thumper, hoping that tempo will foster radio favor, à la previous remixed ballads "I Learned from the Best" and "It's Not Right But It's Okay." It's heartbreaking to see Houston's career faltering in the midst of self-admitted personal problems. One has to wonder if she can score a hit in spite of herself. --CT

January 29, 2003
Clive Davis speaks

From the December 13, 2002 issue of BRE magazine: - Speaking of his old prodigy, when asked his opinion of Diane Sawyer's ABC-TV's recent "Primetime" interview with Houston, Davis hesitates for a second, and then replies. Softly. "I am not objective enough to respond clearly...Whitney is family to me. She and I know that our bond is still there. I was emotional for her. She was candid in her admissions and it is painful to know what she has gone through. Having laryngitis at the time didn't help the presentation." He pauses. Then: "But I will tell you this. Aretha Franklin aside, Whitney is the greatest female singer on the planet. Period. She's going to reach deep down inside and prevail. Only she can do it for herself, but she can do it. I know she can." From one winner to another.

January 24, 2003
On My Own Ad and CD cover!

WHITNEY'S NEW SINGLE - Whitney's next single released from her latest album Just Whitney will be "Try It On My Own." Click to view the announcement of the new single impacting on Feb. 3! source: Platinum Club

The promo CD is being serviced to US radio stations and is available on ebay (tracklisting: 1-Radio Edit, 2-Thunderpuss Radio Mix, 3-Thunderpuss Radio Mix Instrumental)

For those people living in Boston, you should be hearing the song already as WXKS has played it 19 times according to Mediabase and is drawing an audience impression of .635 million. In addition, also in Boston, WQSX has played it 16 times with an audience impression of .3236 million. thanks, classicwhitney

You can download/listen to the Thunderpuss remixes of 'Try It On My Own' on and

January 16, 2003
'Just Whitney' Platinum

According to this week's Billboard 200, the 'Just Whitney' album, which was released just over a month ago, has already been certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (1 million copies shipped to US stores).

'On My Own' Single
According to Whitney's official Polish web site, 'On My Own' will be Whitney's next single in Poland (to be released in March). 'On My Own' will also be Whitney's next single for the rest of Europe, according to BMG Germany. (thanks Marie-Eve,

In America, the remixes for "Try It On My Own" by Thunderpuss are expected to be released February 11 on 4-track 12" vinyl, including Club Anthem, Private Invite Mix, Tribe-A-Pella and Thunderdub versions. And according to All Access Music Group, Whitney's "Try It On My Own" is expected to officially go for adds at U.S. Pop radio as of Febuary 18. thanks Lisa

January 10, 2003
IFPI Platinum Europe Awards

Awarded a triple Platinum Europe Award within one year of its release, Whitney Houston's 1998 album My Love Is Your Love has now exceeded sales of four million in Europe - the album was awarded a Quadruple Platinum Europe Award in December 2002. []

January 3, 2003
New Remixes...

Thunderpuss (Barry Harris & Chris Cox) just announced on their website that they have completed remixes for Whitney's 'Try It On My Own', but say there are 'No news yet from Arista as to a possible release date.' These remixes follow the P. Diddy remix of 'Whatchulookinat', the Nelly remix of 'One of Those Days', and the Pound Boys Remixes of 'Love That Man'. You can go here for info on where to buy the remixes from 'Just Whitney' that have been released commercially.

'Just Whitney' at No. 6
'Just Whitney' is now one of the hottest selling albums at HMV, which is one of America's leading record merchandisers: for the week ending Jan. 11, 2003, 'Just Whitney' is at No. 6 on HMV's Top 10 source: You can click here to read the overall statistics for 'Just Whitney', 'One Of Those Days' and 'The Star Spangled Banner' from the Jan. 11 edition of Billboard Magazine.

Happy New Year From Whitney!
(Dec. 18) In a special message from Whitney to the Platinum Club, she would like to wish all of her fans a very joyous and peaceful holiday season! She also wishes all the best for the coming New Year! Happy holidays and New Year from Whitney!

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