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October 25, 2002
'One Of Those Days' review!

from Billboard Magazine - Jennifer, Mariah, Ashanti, Brandy, Christina, and all you other ladies bidding for R&B glory . . . Miss Whitney would like to show you the way it is to be done. "One of Those Days" marks the joyous, triumphant return of one of the great singers, who delivers the goods in glorious voice, singing a groovy, hip-swaying composition that is at last worthy of her immense talent.

The previous "Whatchulookinat" was a frightening curve ball, not only a bitter pill lyrically but also a chaotic mess of a rhythm with Whitney's vocal drowning somewhere on the sidelines - making this Shek'spere-helmed track all the more satisfying (if not a relief).

"Days" possesses enough of an R&B edge to mount current radio trends, but its wonderfully melodic instrumental pallette will also satisfy longtime pop fans, as it sashays along to a melody line lifted from the Isley Brothers' top five 1983 R&B hit, "Between the Sheets." A spate of recent A-level artists have delivered mediocre material, and Houston was certainly in the danger zone. It's a happy day when you know a hit - and love it - the first time you hear it. -Chuck Taylor

Note: 'One Of Those Days', Whitney's new US single, goes for radio impact on October 28. Here is a new US radio promotion advertisement for 'One Of Those Days'.
And you can click here for info on where you can buy the single.

Two more songs!
Despite being leaked to the Internet, Whitney Houston's new Arista project, Just Whitney, is still scheduled for a Nov. 26 release. The singer is currently working on two more songs. The set's new single is the Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs-produced "One Of Those Days." [From Billboard]

October 22, 2002
Whitney in Europe!

MTV just announced that Whitney Houston would appear at the 2002 MTV Europe Music Awards on November 14 in Barcelona. She will perform 'Whatchulookinat'. The show will air live on MTV in Europe November 14, from 9 PM CET. thanks MTV

New video on MTV October 30!
from MTV News -- Whitney Houston Has 'One Of Those Days' With Her Girls, Mr. Biggs -- The first video from Whitney Houston's November 26 release, Just Whitney ..., is scheduled to hit the airwaves on October 30. The clip is for the album's second single, "One of Those Days." On "One of Those Days," Houston takes a melody from the Isley Brothers' "Between the Sheets" and sings about getting away from stress ("Oooh baby, baby, you don't know what I been going through ...").

The video was shot on October 18 and 19 in Atlanta by director Kevin Bray, according to the singer's label, Arista. The plot revolves around Whitney and her girls having a day for the ladies, highlighted by time at the spa. They end their evening by hitting the club, and who should be there but Mr. Biggs himself, Ron Isley. -Shaheem Reid

October 21, 2002
New album and video news!

From Platinum Club: If you are a true Whitney Houston fan, you will not download what some are saying is Whitney's new album across the Internet. This is not the complete or finished album! Stay tuned for the release of "Just Whitney..." in stores November 26 !
Exciting news just in ~ Whitney has completed the filming of her new video "One Of Those Days" with director Kevin Bray. The video was shot in Atlanta, GA and will feature special guests.

Special Edition cover?
click to enlarge
You can click on the photo at the left to view a larger version of what may be the cover for the 'Just Whitney' Special edition CD/DVD.

from whitney-fan

October 20, 2002
'One Of Those Days' video

Whitney is in Georgia at the moment and she's going to shoot the video for "One Of Those Days", her next US single, very soon. The video will be shot in Atlanta and Whitney's new video may premiere on MTV, VH1 & BET on November 4.

October 19, 2002
New Album leak...

11 entire tracks from the 'Just Whitney' album have leaked onto the Internet today. Apparently, the songs come from an unmastered advance copy of the album that BMG Germany had received from Arista. The tracks that have become available are:

01 Whatchulookinat - 02 Tell Me No Ft Santana - 03 Love That Man - 04 Things You Say - 05 My Love Ft Bobby Brown - 06 One Of Those Days - 07 On My Own - 08 Dear John Letter - 09 Unashamed - 10 You Light Up My Life - 11 Whatchulookinat (P. Diddy Remix)

The ten songs should be on Whitney's new album, which will be in stores November 26 in the US.

October 17, 2002
4 new Samples from 'Just Whitney' !

You can listen to Audio samples of 4 songs from the 'Just Whitney' album on the Nippyonline Web site! The songs are "Tell Me No", "Things You Say", "My Love" and "Love That Man".

October 17, 2002
Contents of the new Whitney DVD !

The 'Just Whitney' Limited Edition DVD will contain:
1. Whatchulookinat video - 2. "My Love is Your Love" World Tour - Behind The Scenes - 3. The Making Of "Just Whitney-" (Whitney in the studio recording 'You Light Up My Life') - 4. Up Close and Personal : Whitney talking about her life and the new album - 5. Special Performances (not yet selected)

Contents subject to change. source: nippyonline

According to BMG Germany, the 'Just Whitney' Limited Edition DVD will contain the "Whatchulookinat" music video, the "Love To Infinity Megamix" video and the making of the "Whatchulookinat" video. source: whitney-fan

Note: You can already pre-order the limited edition CD/DVD on cdnow and amazon.

October 14, 2002
Listen to 'One of Those Days'...

You can click here to listen to a good quality Real Audio recording of 'One of Those Days' from

October 13, 2002
Another New Whitney photo!

click to enlarge
Click on the thumbnail to view the full-size version of the photo! This is the picture being used across London to promote the release of her new single, "Whatchulookinat", in U.K. stores October 28th

(the poster reads 'out October 14').


October 10, 2002
MTV Hits Pop Knock Out Cup!

If you are in the UK and Ireland, you can vote for Whitney in MTV Hits' infamous 'Pop Knockout Cup'. Here are the details from

MTV Hits Pop Knockout is the show where you decide the outcome by using your mobile... This time MTV Hits are throwing the top movers and shakers into the ring! The rules are easy - MTV Hits pit the biggest names in pop up against each other, playing their videos back to back, then you the viewer can vote by texting MTV hits (see below) to determine who goes through to the next round!

The first round takes place on Saturday 12 October at 12pm.
Go to for full details on how to vote for Whitney.

October 9, 2002
One Of Those Days, the new US single!

click to enlarge from the Platinum Club: As we count down to the release of Just Whitney, listen for the new song from the album entitled, "One Of Those Days". The song was produced by Kevin "Sha'kspere" Briggs. Listen out for the song this week on radio all across the country and be sure to request it from your local radio station! Whitney's new album, Just Whitney, is in-stores November 26!

More Details from whitney-fan: 'One of those days' is a mid-tempo, mellow track that samples "Between the Sheets" by the Isley Brothers. The vocals are confident and in the lower register. You can click here to read preliminary lyrics for the song and listen to it, thanks to Lisa

October 7, 2002
Just Whitney, In-stores November 26!

It's official! Whitney's next album, Just Whitney, will be in-stores November 26! There will be a new single released to be announced soon on! Stay tuned for more on the release of Whitney's highly-anticipated next album and also the release of her next single! (from the Platinum Club)

October 4, 2002
New Whitney video on MTV!

Today, the "Whatchulookinat" video aired for the first time across European music channels including MTV. To see the video, just watch your local music channel! If you're not in Europe, you can click here to see the complete video, courtesy of Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

In Stores November 12 ?
According to a new promo sell sheet/advertisement from Arista, 'Just Whitney...' is scheduled for a 26 November release. The promo is geared towards the gift giving season, suggesting the album WILL be available this year and also confirms the DVD that will come with the album. The ad reads as follows:

"Whitney Houston - The pre-eminent voice in music returns with Just Whitney... featuring the hits "One Of Those Days", "Tell Me No" and "Things You Say." - Album contains limited edition bonus DVD! In Stores November 26, 2002"

On the Arista website, 'Just Whitney...' is listed for release on November 12. Stay tuned for info on when exactly the new Whitney album is released.

'Whatchulookinat' at US Number One!
'Whatchulookinat' is at No. 1 on Billboard's Club Play chart after 7 weeks. You can read the complete US statistics here.
In Europe, 'Whatchulookinat' is off to a great start! Last week, the single jumped 6 spots on the European airplay chart! "Whatchulookinat" has climbed to #14 from #22 on the European Hit Radio Chart and now has top 10 airplay positions in 2 European territories and top 20 in another 4. Congratulations Whitney on the International success of "Whatchulookinat" ! from Platinum Club

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Just Whitney, in stores 11/25/2002

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