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September 30, 2002
A diva sent back to the lab...

from Whitney re-enters the studio to tweak new album - Whitney, Whitney, Whitney has been sent back to record three more songs along with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Irv Gotti at the request of L.A. Reid. The video for the US failure, "Whatchalookinat," has been shot for overseas viewers but Arista was planning to set up, "Tell Me No," as the next single stateside. With her re-entry into the studio and her need to cancel appointments who knows if the album will drop in November or be pushed back to January.

September 26, 2002
Greatest Women...

source: VH1 UK --- VH1 UK announced today the results of it's 100 Greatest Women poll. According to the poll, Madonna is the greatest woman in music, followed by Kylie Minogue. Celine Dion is next just ousting Whitney Houston from the top three and Motown mother Aretha Franklin completes the top five.

Over three quarters of a million votes were cast! The poll was conducted by VH1 UK as part of it's 100 Greatest Series and will premiere on the channel from 30th September - 4th October, each day at 8pm. The chart can be seen in its entirety on Saturday 5th at 12noon and Sunday 6th October at 1pm.

September 24, 2002
"Whatchulookinat" video confirmed!

The Platinum Club confirmed today that the "Whatchulookinat" video was filmed recently and that it will premiere very soon! Read the official details below:

"Whatchulookinat" - the video! Over the past weekend, Whitney completed work on the filming for her next video, "Whatchulookinat," the first single to be released from Just Whitney, in stores this November! The video was directed by Kevin Bray, who directed Whitney in her last video, "Fine," a single released from her Greatest Hits compilation. Faith Evans, Whitney's friend and Arista Records label-mate, makes a cameo appearance in the video.

BMG Munich expects the video to be released on October 2, likely premiering on RTL Television in Germany. Stay tuned for more information on exactly when and where you can view the video for "Whatchulookinat," Whitney's next video!

September 23, 2002
More news on Whitney and Santana!

Concurring with an earlier report from BMG Germany, BMG's internal web site now states "Tell Me No" with Carlos Santana will be the new lead single from "Just Whitney." The site describes the song as a "big ballad," according to BMG South Korea A&R. That department also received an e-mail from BMG International that said Whitney delivered the song "perfectly," so people who heard it recently went "crazy." The song isn't included on Santana's album tracklisting at this time, so it might only be available on "Just Whitney."

September 20, 2002
Just Whitney singles...

from the Platinum Club. Whitney's next album, Just Whitney, scheduled for a November release, will contain two singles entitled "tell me no" and "unashamed" along with the smash single "whatchulookinat". Stay tuned for more on the much-anticipated release of Whitney's forthcoming album, Just Whitney!

promotional postcard (front) promotional postcard (back)
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Next single details from BMG Germany: Following "Whatchulookinat," the second single will be "Tell Me No" on which Carlos Santana plays a guitar solo. Carlos personally came to Whitney with this idea and a beautiful, sensational song was created. In addition, the single "Whatchulookinat" has made a great entrance at No. 27 on the German trend chart, without a video.

September 19, 2002
New Whitney pictures!

Here are two new pictures from the album cover photo shoot! Click the thumbnails to view larger pictures...

The pictures are from the Arista Records Whitney site, which has been re-vamped recently because of the release of 'Just Whitney' (thanks Richard)

September 19, 2002
Whitney almost at No. 1...

Whitney's rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" has jumped close to the top of the US singles sales chart following the first anniversary of September 11. You can read the complete statistics here.

September 18, 2002
Just Whitney... Just splendid!

BMG Germany Translation: The Diva is back! "Get ready for another GREAT album for my fans to love. Thank you for your patience!," Whitney promised, as her new album "Just Whitney" took its first form in the studio. The single "Whatchulookinat" stands in shops this Monday as confirmation for that statement and as a musical harbinger. The new album "Just Whitney" is also taking shape. At the moment, Whitney is busy in the studio with a fine cross section: Everything should be perfect, so that the small song jewels can unfold in full splendor. Whitney wants them to live up to their promise, which is why the album's release was shifted to November 25 from November 4.

September 16, 2002
Whitney and Santana

Whitney Houston's new album, Just Whitney, hits store shelves on November 26, 2002. The disc will be available in a special Limited Edition package that includes a DVD featuring clippings from the "My Love is Your Love" tour. The complete track listing is not yet available, but the tracks on the album include: "Whatchulookingat," (remix featuring P.Diddy), "Tell Me No," (featuring Santana), "My Love" (duet with Bobby Brown), "Things You Say," (written by Tweet), "Love That Man," "One of These Days," "On My Own," (produced by Babyface and Carol Bayer Sager) and a cover of "You Light Up My Life". source:

September 14, 2002
Album delayed?

The release of 'Just Whitney...' appears to have been delayed by three weeks to November 26. It is apparently due to an Arista marketing strategy. This will be Houston's first album since signing a $100 million deal with Arista in 2001 and they want to make sure the album is a huge success.

September 12, 2002
Whitney's Just Whitney... Just great!

[From Fox News' Fox 411] The name of Whitney Houston's new album, which will hit stores on Nov. 5, is Just Whitney ... Not very exciting, but certainly less vitriolic than "Whatchulookinat," the single she released this summer that no one wanted to hear. According to sources, much of the album was played for BMG sales reps at a conference in Florida last week "and they all went wild." I'll bet they did, because unless Whitney pulls a Lauryn Hill almost anything she releases will sell like crazy. If Arista Records is smart, by the way, they'll leave "Whatchulookinat" off the album and make it a collector's item ...

September 6, 2002
It must be perfect...

Statement from Whitney's official German site: "Just Whitney" - the Album. If a woman wants to make something perfect, she will be scolded in advance. That is what Whitney Houston is experiencing in the past days for herself. She only postponed the video shoot for "Whatchulookinat" because the treatment did not please her and promptly she gets accounted for by various stories in the media. Then the CD release date changes and the whole thing begins loosely again.

Now clarifying: The video will be shot in the beginning of September and "Just Whitney," the album comes on 4 November 2002 in stores. For a reason: If "Just Whitney" would be so simple, then the fans as well as the artist and critics would be disappointed. Therefore Whitney still spends time in the studio making the last fine-tuning of the album. It must be perfect, if one is named Houston and possesses five octaves... even if it means she won't be nominated for Grammys because the deadline is thus missed. [Translated from German] from whitney-fan

September 5, 2002
New album cover!

'Just Whitney...' cover
Here is the apparent cover for

Click on the thumbnail
to view larger scale!

  thanks milou

September 3, 2002
New single in France!

'Whatchulookinat' is already available as a 4-track CD (maxi single) in French stores. Here is the track listing:

1. Radio Mix 3:35
2. P. Diddy Remix (radio edit) 4:08
3. Thunderpuss Club Mix 7:42
4. Full Intention Club Mix 7:02

The notes say: "From her forthcoming album, "Just Whitney..." In stores Fall 2002.

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