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July 30, 2002
Whitney explodes with Arista release...

from - Arista’s career-diva, Whitney Houston is striking back with a new album and a lot of attitude. First single, "Whatchulookinat," co-produced by Bobby Brown is aimed at the media.

The yet to be titled album will issue some of Whitney’s usual R&B, and pop staples. Tracks include: "My Love" (with Bobby Brown), "One of These Days", "Don’t You Love That man", and a remake of, "You Light Up My Life." Arista also plans to release a Limited Edition DVD which will include un- released video material.

As far as retail and radio support, Arista is planning Multi-Artist Bags (Toni, TLC, Santana, and Whitney), and a 5 Track Solicitation Sampler CD – Due August 16, 2002 to all radio programmers.

Massive marketing will be major for the release including: 5 part Good Morning America special, Diane Sawyer Prime Time, Possible VMA Award performance, Oprah for November and a National BET, MTV, and VH-1 advertising campaign. The video will be delivered to BET, MTV, and VH1 on August 9th.

Album Tracklisting: Currently Not Available

July 27, 2002
Fake Track Listing...

The track listing published yesterday on the Internet is fake: Arista say Whitney is almost through with the recordings but they haven't made the final selection of the songs yet. "Whatchulookinat" and "You Light Up My Life" are the only tracks that will be on the upcoming release. The fake listing was sent by someone they do not know. In other news, Whitney will start the photo shoot for the cover of her new cd this week end. source: Arista

DVD confirmed...
[From BMG Europe] A Whitney Houston Live - 1 Hour TV Special - to be distributed world-wide. This special was recorded on the "My Love Is Your Love Tour". Editing to be completed and distribution rights to be negotiated. This (documentary) will be released as a DVD worldwide. (Thanks Manish)

July 26, 2002
Album Track Listing...

The following is rumoured to be the tracklisting for Whitney's upcoming album (yet to be officially confirmed)

1. Whatchulookinat 3:36 - 2. You Should Know 4:01 - 3. Until Then 3:22 - 4. Worthy Of You 3:59 - 5. Love Is The Reason 4:08 - 6. What If 5:00 - 7. First Day 2:53 - 8. Let 'Em Feel It 3:32 - 9. Dig It (My Thing) 7:21 - 10. All Alone 3:00 - 11. You Light Up My Life 3:38 - 12. Believe [Gospel Medley] 12:35   thanks Igor

Arista plans to release different album versions depending on the country, adding some songs or remixes. The song "You Light Up My Life" is a remake of the Debby Boone classic and is already announced as the new "I Will Always Love You" ! source: Arista

thanks David

New DVD's ??
A dvd gathering some live performances, behind the scenes of the new album and some unreleased videos should be released soon after the album release. Arista also bought the rights of the European Tour documentary to DORO Productions and plans to release as a dvd. source: nippyonline

July 24, 2002
2 new photos!

Two new Whitney photos can be found in Photo of the Month. The pictures are from the photo shoot for Whatchulookinat.

July 22, 2002
Whitney & Bobby producers

This Arista promotional poster confirms 'Whatchulookinat' will go for impact August 5 and that the album will be in stores in September. The poster also says Whitney and Bobby Brown are the album producers, and that Antonio LA Reid is the executive producer of the album.

New video...
[from MTV News] Whitney Houston will shoot the video for "Whatchulookinat" ("What You Looking At") in the next couple of weeks, according to her spokesperson. It is the first single from her still-untitled LP, which drops September 17.

July 18, 2002
New single cover! / Album Title

Here is the cover for the new single, 'Watchulookinat', published today by BMG say the single is set to be be released September 2 in Europe and list Wyclef Jean as a writer on the album... According to nippyonline, the video will be shot next Wednesday in Los Angeles... And reports the title for the new album is 'BELIEVE' (the album release date remains September 16). (merci Richard)

July 17, 2002
56 new songs (?) ...

WHITNEY GETTING READY! - Whitney has almost finished the recording of her new album. For now, 56 songs have been recorded. Soon, Whitney and some Arista executives will make the final selection for the album. Whitney has worked with many talented producers like Babyface who truly outdid himself for the diva !

Concerning her new look, Whitney has been getting samples by Chanel, Calvin Klein, Versace, Dolce & Gabanna & Ralph Lauren. She will decide soon who she wants to work with since the photo shoot will take place in the first week of August.

'Whacha Lookin At' will be the first single though this was not in plan. The track has been leaked out, Whitney was a little upset about it but is finally happy the fans can get a taste of what is coming. Several producers are working on the storyboard of the video. Stay tuned for more inside news ! source: nippyonline, July 16 - merci Richard

July 14, 2002
All about the new song...

The exact title of the new song is "Watcha Lookin' At", according to US radio stations ("What Are You Lookin At?" according to the official fan club). Apparently, the single was leaked to New York radio stations behind the backs of Arista executives. There is no information about the person who might have leaked the track. Arista insiders said they will probably not take legal action, and let the single have a radio-only life.

Whitney co-wrote the song with new Atlanta producers Andre Lewis and Jerry Mohammed. It was produced by Whitney's husband Bobby Brown and Muhammad 2 G and will appear on her new release, tentatively due out September 17.

Other producers collaborating with Houston on the new collection include Kenneth " Babyface" Edmonds, Dallas Austin and Irv Gotti. Whitney's new album, still untitled, is also still unfinished. source: FOX news, Platinum club, July 11 -, July 12. thank you Chip

More about "Whatcha Lookin' At" !
Roger Friedman, of Fox news, said it's "a tasty upbeat slice of R&B that finds Whitney in excellent voice - and in a delicious mood. On "Whatcha," Houston angrily rips into the press and others who have chronicled her turbulent personal life over the last few years. To wit, she tells everyone else to get a life so she can get on with hers."

You can listen to Whitney's new song and read the lyrics here.

merci Lisa D

Other single news: Currently, Whitney is gearing up to make a video for "What Are You Looking At?"... The release of "Whatcha Lookin At" to NYC radios has been the major event of the last few days... Whitney is about to start working with 2 famous stylists on a fresh new look, and the photo shoot for the cd cover will take place shortly after that. source: Platinum Club, nippyonline

Back to Goose-Bump Time on New LP...
Interviewed over the weekend at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Babyface told MTV, "She's singing better than I've heard her sing in years," . "Her voice is in tip-top shape and it's back to goose-bump time. When she's in the studio, I'm really excited about how she's going at it. She's going at it hard. She's very focused.

"There are some classic Whitney things and some things that have a pop flavor as well," added 'Face, who's writing and producing for the project. "The main thing I can say about her is that she is singing her butt off right now." source:, Tursday July 11

July 9, 2002
New song! on New York City radios

Today, Wendy Williams of WBLS in New York (107.5 FM) played the new Whitney single for the first time. The title of the song could be "Why You Lookin' At". It's an uptempo and it was produced by Bobby Brown, according to the DJ. One of the lines is something like "Why you tryin' to ruin my reputation, When you don't even have an education?" (thanks Manish)

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