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In My Business

Baby why I get so many people tell me
They seen you up in the mall
Are they mistaking
All up on some chick
As though I don't exist
What is this

Why they're all (up) in my business
It's just too ridiculous
I can't get no sleep
They just keep warning me
Should I believe it
They say I don't need it
Don't they know I made up my mind
My mind

Honey too many people say you fake me
They ask what have you done lately
They say we won't last, they are predicting
That it's over, it's over

Too many girls they dislike me
Since I got you
They wanna fight me
Cause I'm the chick walking around
With the ring
Tell me why these hoes they don't even like me

Chorus x 2

Oh boy it's all the love that you're giving
They mind cause love is what they're missing
That's why they stay up in our business

Chorus x2
(Why you're all in my business? Ha, Get a job)

Written by Missy Elliott


Album: My Love Is Your Love
Released: November 1998
More Info: see bio