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Bodyguard (2)
(Nov. 1993, US TV
- Barbara Walters)
Barbara: It's been such a year, with the great success of the film, the baby, the marriage... Recently, you said it was "pick-on-Whitney" year. Perhaps because you didn't give interview after interview, there's been all of these rumors about you, everything from your sexual preference, to the fact that you overdosed on diet pills. Has it changed, now that you're married, now that you have a baby? Is it done?

Whitney (laughs): I don't know... I don't know! I don't know if it'll ever be done, because it's all about money, and it's all about selling those papers. And those people know who the public wanna hear about!

Barbara: That's the good part. They wanna hear about you. The bad part...

Whitney: The bad part is they make up these crazy stories.

Barbara: Last year, supposedly, because you were upset with being too fat after having a baby, (the press said) you overdosed on diet pills, ended up in a Miami hospital with an irregular heartbeat, your best friend Eddy Murphy came to see you...

Whitney: Oh yeah, woo...

Barbara: And there wasn't one bit of truth!

Whitney: Not one.

Barbara: So how does something like that happen? I mean, everybody who is famous has their problems. You've had more than your dose!

Whitney: Oh please! O.D.! That's what I O.D.-ed on! The press!

Barbara: They were rumors that you had a miscarriage during the filming of "The Bodyguard", and one day, you said in an interview, "someday, I'll straighten that out". You don't have to, but is that someting you'd like to straighten out?

Whitney: (silence) I had a miscarriage during the filming of "The Bodyguard". It was very painful, emotionally and physically. It's something that I would've liked to have said myself. But they didn't give me the opportunity. I was back on the set the next day. It's over! I had Bobbi Kristina, one year later, and I am blessed.

Barbara: What was it like having 2 older brothers? What did you learn?

Whitney: (smile) I learned a lot about men, with my 2 brothers, my father. They taught me a lot about how men think about women. They didn't say at all: "Go! You needn't hear this!", it was: "Come here, I'll tell you about Barbara! Now, Barbara...

Barbara: Could you change the name please?

Whitney: OK! Betty...

Barbara: I feel much more comfortable. OK.

Whitney: (laughs) (I had to use Barbara) Betty! (My brother said), "You know, I had Betty the other day. Gary had her tonight, my friend Joseph is gonna have her tomorrow. Now what kind of girl do you think that is?" And I'd say: "I don't know, she likes guys!" He said: "No, she's a whore. That's what she is. And nobody respects her."

Barbara: Did it change your behavior?

Whitney: Yes. It did. I think it made me very cold, in a lot of ways...

Barbara: So then, will you tell me about Bobby? I would've thought he'd be the last person you'd be attracted to!

Whitney: That shows how much you know about people doesn't it?

Barbara: Can anyone prepare you for fame? I mean, your mother sang, your cousin sang. Can anyone tell you what it was gonna be like?

Whitney: They can't. And all they ever say to me is: "So you wanted to be a star?" And I go: "But it wasn't like I wanted to be a star, I just wanted to sing, I wanted to do what was in my soul and in my heart." This other madness, they say that comes with the territory... It's a hell of a territory!

---Many thanks to Chip for the video---